Some background information

The new project to reduce maternal mortality aims to support hospitals and health centres in their work to reduce maternal deaths. The target population are pregnant women in two zones and three special woredas in south-west Ethiopia. The project shall enable these hospitals and health centres to practice safe delivery.

The project’s aims to strengthen the antenatal services so the health extension workers can help normal deliveries and identify and refer women in need of help during delivery to health institutions. The Map shows the project area that includes Gamu Gofa, Gidole, Konso, Basketto and South Omo.

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The picture shows a pregnant woman at the "Maternity village" in Gidole. These women come from local communitiers (kebeles).

Our programme focuses on women and their newborns. It shall work with all levels of society to mobilize awareness and develop a good programme. In the community we shall work with health extension workers. Most of the health extension workers are women, and this work will strengthen their work in the local community.